What is Spotify QR Code?

 Image 1: Placa Spotify Personalizável with light 

The Spotify QR code present on iFrame signs and frames allows you to connect your personalized gift to a Spotify song, artist or playlist. To add this detail to your order, simply click on the “Spotify QR Code” option and ensure that the song is registered on Spotify:

To help us find the song/artist/playlist you want associated with your QR code, you can also leave the Spotify link in the indicated field:


Now that you have your personalized sign with the Spotify QR code, how does it work?

Step 1: Open Spotify app;

Step 2: In the Spotify search bar, click on the camera icon;

Step 3: Point to the Spotify QR code on the sign/frame and wait for it to be read;

Step 4: Once read, it will open automatically and you can enjoy the music that will play on Spotify!


 Imagem 2: Placa personalizável Frame Completo

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